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SnickerdoodleNinja's Final Fantasy XIII Game Review

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Rated: 5

When I beat Final Fantasy 13, I had two major complaints: length and linearity. Luckily for me, Final Fantasy 13-2 fixed both of these problems. With a length that varies greatly depending on how many optional quests you want to complete, the game can be as long or as short as you want it to be. As for linearity, well, the game tries so hard not to be linear that it almost seems as if it’s trying to be a rebellious child. No longer bound by a single pathway with short branches only for treasures, 13-2 allows the player to circumvent transition areas by eliminating a world map and replacing it with a timeline of settings’ leaving you to decide when and where you want.

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SnickerdoodleNinja's Mawaru Penguindrum Tv Review

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Rated: 7

If there’s one thing that’s certain about Penguindrum, it’s that despite all initial appearance, the show is not just about cute blue penguins. Oh, they’re significant alright, but anyone who thinks they’re in for a fluffy magical girl show is in for a rude awakening-Penguindrum is often dark and constantly psychological, even when it appears otherwise. That said, it also has a fair bit of comedy, and one of the series’ strongest points is its ability to transition rather seamlessly from comedy to intense drama and back again. A surprisingly addictive mix of interesting plot elements and characters, amusing blue penguins, and thought-provoking themes regarding fate, family, and devotion, Penguindrum won’t always make much sense, but it will still be addicting nonetheless.

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SnickerdoodleNinja's Romeo x Juliet Tv Review

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Rated: 9

One of the major concerns that I personally have when I pick up romances is the concern that the series will become so in love with its main couple that it loses sight of all of its supporting characters. Considering both the title and play of origin, this was also a major concern of mine for Romeo x Juliet. However, RxJ proved me wrong, giving ample attention to a fairly large cast, whether it be the adorkable Romeo, the brooding, Batman-like Tybalt or even the comic playwright Will.

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    iHOPe you are well.

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    It's been over a year since we last chatted, and it seems that you won't be coming back to MT for a while. So I guess that it's been a great pleasure to know you and good luck in the future Snickey :)!

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